Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date

Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date


The plot of Jessica Jones season 1 is known to all of your favorite comic book about Jessica Jones. One girl named Jessica Jones is very difficult past, its diagnosis and tantalizing syndrome do not give a normal life, the memory does not leave happened to her in the past tragedy, and all that may it please and distract from the problems – a favorite work as an investigator in a good law firm.

The second season was delayed because the upcoming The Defenders season 1 premiere was scheduled by Netflix earlier. It seems that we should expect Jessica Jones season 2 release date not earlier than in the end of 2017, after the launch of Iron Fist, The Defenders and Luke Cage series.


Kristen Ritter, David Tennant, Mike Coulter, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eyck Darvill, Erin Moriarty, Ryan Farrell and others will reMain as the major cast in Jessica Jones season 2 episode 1.


Endowed with superhuman abilities Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) was at one time a girl superhero, but after the tragic events was forced to start a new life. Jessica opened in New York private detective agency to investigate cases in which people are involved with supernatural powers. In parallel with the work of the detective she was trying to establish his personal life.

Jessica Jones is a real brawler. She gets drunk and does not wear a suit. It has no superhero mask. It’s just the man for whom she claims to be.

Who is to blame for her past troubles? Guilty of an unknown man, who 12 years ago was killed in mysterious circumstances, and turned out to be alive and now intends to again haunt the poor Jessica. So, having learned that he was back, Jessica Jones wants to get rid of it, removing from his city. But realizing that he still would not leave her alone, she wants to embark on a brutal path of revenge.

Interesting Facts

  • For the role of Jessica Krysten Ritter for two months before filming started to enhanced training and during that time gained about 4.5 kilograms of muscle mass;
  • In the comics Jessica Jones by Jerry Hogarth, a character who is played by Carrie-Anne Moss was a man;

David Petrarca, SJ Clarkson will reMain the major directors for the second season of the show;

Jessica Jones season 1 premiere gained enormous popularity among the spectators, and enough high score, and that was the decision just around world famous Marvel Studios to film the Story of all of your favorite protagonist Jessica Jones.

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