Jericho 2 Season Release Date

Jericho 2 season release date

Jericho 2 season release date was confirmed. Read and discuss the news below.

The British melodrama Jericho 2 season premiere will be directed by Dave Moore, with the actors Hans Matheson, Sophie Thompson, Clarke Peters and Jessica Raine. What to expect from Jericho season 2 episode 1?
ITV Studios after the premiere of the first season started to work on the preparation of the script for the second season. The entire cast of agreed to participate in the new series.

The Plot:

Even a desert once in time becomes the center of this civilization. The action takes place in remote slum town called Jericho back in 1870, on the outskirts of the metropolis, remained in the shadow of a large viaduct.
The main heroine Annie gets into a difficult situation after the death of her husband, since he was the sole breadwinner, and the family can barely make ends meet now live at all on what has left no penny at what you need to raise two children alone.
A young girl decided not to wait for heavenly indulgence, wealth when she falls at his feet and sent to Jericho to the outskirts of the metropolis itself in a place where erecting a new railway.
The new location Annie begins to build the beginning of life, raising her children that would put them on their feet, to give to the school.

Jericho 2 season release date was confirmed

Young mother opened a boarding house, after the hard labor to earn money to implement. The first guest was Johnnie Jackson, and he soon got the status of the other for Mrs. Annie.
One day on the railroad comes riot in which a plurality of employees was killed, those tragic events have had an impact on the eldest son of Annie.
Jericho 2 season release date was scheduled for January of 2017.
Jericho 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray is expected at the end of 2016.
While waiting, watch Jericho 1 season trailer:

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