Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2

The public knows a lot of animated series, which, despite their external simplicity, are not intended for children at all. Exactly the same situation is with a notorious show Jeff & Some Aliens, which has an age limit and is suitable only for the adult audience. And this is a completely right decision, because the humor and themes raised in the series are very far from children. This comedy project on Comedy Central channel, however, immediately earned popularity with adults, and the last episode of the first season, which ended not long ago, was accompanied by a lot of questions from the audience, and most of them were related to the fact about when Jeff & Some Aliens season 2 will be presented. Release date of the next new episode is still unknown, and none of the creators have yet given any information concerning the terms of the renewed second season premiere. But the program has got a high rating, and if the authors return it on the screen, its coming would be rather justified.

Authors Crew

The first new season was presented to viewers on January 11, 2017. That part contained 10 episodes, and the running time of each one was about 22 minutes.
Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2 date release

The main creators of this unusual animated show are Sean Donnelly and his main colleague Alessandro Minoli. These people are also part of a producers’ crew, and the other personalities included in this crew are the following ones:

  • Brett Gelman;
  • Alexander Bulkley;
  • Meredith Rodgers;
  • Corey Campodonico;
  • Peter Knight;
  • Joel H. Cohen and a few others.

The company responsible for the next season air date is ShadowMachine; the network that is likely to broadcast the series new episodes is Comedy Central.
Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2

Plot Review and Cast

The main character of this animated show for adults is Jeff, at a glance, the most ordinary guy. But it’s impossible to call him ordinary, because together with him live three aliens who came to Earth in order to study local life and chose Jeff as their main source of receiving all the information. They come across a variety of things, both ordinary and not very standard, but all this is an integral part of modern life, so the aliens happily follow Jeff everywhere and study human’s life.

The actors whose voices are heard in the series are such as:

  • Brett German, presenting Jeff;
  • Josh Fadem, voicing Dave;
  • Alessandro Minoli, acting as Jimmy;
  • Jon Daly, whose character is Chet;
  • Richard Kind, presenting Stanley, and some others.

Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2

Viewers’ Interest and Chances for Continuation

Looking at the series rating on IMDB (8.1/10) one can say for sure that this project has very high chances to be renewed. It’s not that often when an animated program is estimated so highly by viewers, who are sure that the show must go on. There is still no finale news concerning when new season release date if going to be announced, but the audience hopes that this will happen so, so stay tuned not to miss the premiere and know some special details about the series.

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