Jack Irish Season 2 Release Date

Jack Irish Season 2 Release Date


Jack Irish season 2 is based on the same titled movie and the book Jack Irish: Bad Debts by Peter Temple tells the Story of a lawyer who lost his wife and his place in life. He no longer wanted to continue to work as an attorney and began knocking out the money from the dodgers.

Preliminary ABC (AU) scheduled Jack Irish season 2 release date on March of 17. So, there is no news about the release date of Jack Irish season 2 on DVD and Bluray. However, there are rumors that the season will have at least 13 episodes.


Guy Pearce being the famous Australian actor will return as the Main protagonist in Jack Irish season 2 episode 1. Marta Dusseldorp, Aaron Pedersen, Roy Billing, Shane Jacobson, Jacek Koman and Damien Garvey. The series was written by Andrew Knight, Matt and Andrew Anastasius Camaron, executive producer Ian Colley, Andrew Knight, Carol Sklan and Christopher Gist.


Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) perfectly unravels the criminal scheme as a private detective. The mysterious and handsome stranger hires Jack to find his long-lost brother, and he soon finds himself implicated in his murder. Jack is forced to prove their innocence, because the situation quickly escalates to a new level of danger and difficulty.

Interesting Facts

  • Jack Irish television series is based on three Australian television movies and they are in their turn are based on the eponymous novel by Peter Temple;
  • Jack Irish season 1 premiered on February 11, 2016 on ABC AS with six episodes in the first season;
  • The series is praised for excellent performances and clock humor, but the dialogue is not as lumpy as in TV movies. The series premiere attracted 1.04 million viewers, and currently has a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb. Although continuation seems likely, the network did not make any representations regarding the Irish season 2 of Jack, so stay tuned and we will inform you about any current news, will be released as soon as a decision.

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