Jack Irish 2 Season Release Date

Jack Irish 2 season release date
Jack Irish 2 season release date was rumored and announced. Australian TV series Jack Irish extended for the new season.
The second season was confirmed. It is known that the series "Jack Irish: Bad debts," in which the main role is played by the famous actor Guy Pearce, was continued for a second season. In 2015, the series returns with a large number of episodes. Now they plan to remove six rather than three, as in the first season.

Jack Irish 2 season release date was rumored

About the plot:
Events that occur in this detective series happen during Melbourne winter. The protagonist of the series Jack Irish okuzhaet pubs, beer, sex, corruption and murder … Jack did not even adds value phone call from a former client named Danny McKillop, as his life is already hard – racing lost favorite team moved to the city of arc. However, when Danny dies, Jack begins his investigation of his hazy past.

Jack Irish 2 season release date is 2015.
Do you like this show? How do you play Guy Pearce?

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