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Do you love comedy horror? If yes, this serial is just for you. Having an exciting storyline, the series already includes two seasons. It is going to be rebooted for the third one.


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"iZombie is an American serial in the genre of horrific comedy"… It sounds a little bit strange, doesn’t it? However, the zombie genre is quite popular and has its target audience. We should also mention the immediate creator of the comedy show. Two people hold this position – Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright.
Currently, we have two entire seasons under our belt. And it seems like a time for revealing information about the third season. However, first, let’s take a quick look at the chapters we already saw.
So, the first season of the serial appeared on our screens in March 2015. The second season was launched unexpectedly in September of the previous year. How come? We can only make an assumption it has something to do with the high ratings of the serial. Let’s move on.
The number of episodes in each part is ten. The duration of each episode constitutes 42 minutes.
The acting cast is full of such stars as Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders.


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And now, let’s talk the very plot of the story presented in the serial. The main character is Olivia Moore. She lives her happy life of a soon-to-be wife and a good specialist in a developing company. She makes good money. But she doesn’t even suspect that fate will give her a cruel trial. Thus, changes (not so good ones, by the way) come to her life.
After a party, she finds out that she is now a monster. She is a terrifying zombie! How can she think now about her job and marriage?
So a new stage of her life is brought to an unexpected and unwanted start. In order to maintain her human face, she needs to eat human brains. The most interesting thing is that by devouring the brain she gets the memory of that person with it. This comes to be very useful in a police investigation, to which she becomes connected with the help of Detective Clive. Why? Because people remember the face of their killer in the majority of cases.

What do we know about ratings and a possible launch date

The series was successful enough. And it’s not a great surprise. In fact, taking into consideration the fact that the plot is extremely catching for viewers, the review both from the genre fans and the critics had to be positive.
As the preliminary information goes, the third season will come to please us this fall.  Whether it is truth or not, it’s up to us to find out. Allegedly, the third season is about to be the final one. However, let’s hope for better news to come from the official resources. As you have already guessed, we have no data concerning the iZombie season 3 release date. So we have nothing to do but to wait and see. Of course, as soon as we find out when a new episode comes out, we will tell you. So stay tuned!

Update: iZombie Season 3 Release Date Leaked

It was not truth. No, not the title. The fact that the third season would be released this fall. It’s winter already, and it hasn’t been yet. But that’s not that bad. Why? Because we now know exactly when to expect the third season to arrive. And, what’s probably even more important, it’s going to be soon. Well, almost. Either way, we have a precise date, and not a tentative one, so even if the schedule shifts, it’s not going to be by much.
The third season starts on April 4, 2017. That might not seem like too long at first, but it’s still more than 3 months away. And we can’t do anything about that either.
What we can do is to keep you updated. Make sure to subscribe so that we could do that, and everything is going to be alright.


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