Iyanla: Fix My Life season 7

Iyanla: Fix My Life season 7 Release Date

OWN is to announce Iyanla: Fix My Life seventh season release date.

The famous channel OWN is to decide on future life of Iyanla: Fix My Life Season 7 fans, as exactly they face the problem of following release of a new episode of next series.

What is that?

Iyanla: Fix My Life is another reality show produced in America. The patronage of the series has been taken by Oprah Winfrey Network. A brilliant family psychologist Iyanla Vanzant helps people change their lives beyond recognition. With the help of Harpo Studios, Vanzant, Jon Sinclair, Jill Van Lokeren have worked out a scenario of the show. The season premiere appeared on TV in June four years ago. The previous season came out this year with a season air date appointed on September 10.

Many people have already taken part in this show with the reality being helpful for their family lives. Iyanla’s recommendations were highly assessed, she saved many families by preventing them from divorce. The show is always useful for people who want to get rid of their addiction, find recognition and overcome challenges as it stays helpful when no one can make things better. One episode shows home life of a person and embraces interviews with his nearest and dearest. Iyanla is constantly watching and scrutinizing the situation at home and outside giving some comments and recommendations. By the way, last year OWN produced a controversial spate of episodes with a farther of 34 children. Besides, all of them have different mothers, the amount of whom is 17.

The latest season and the following one

6 season includes 10 different episodes containing the development of eight African-American women who are eager to get rid of the stigma "angry". Its’ first episode has gained almost one million viewers, a bit falling behind the previous release.

No one can say for sure whatever the next season will emerge. However, everyone is eager for conflicts, self-development and changes which occur to ordinary people as we are, as a famous cast does not take part in this reality. That is why stay with us and be sure we will provide you with all the details of the OWN decision.

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