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We Have Issues Season 2 Release Date


We have issues is an American comedy series, the season premiere of which started in September in the year of 2015. This year we are ready to present you the second season, which will be also very Interesting for you because of the most outstanding events in it. The We Have Issues 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast, we must mention, that here only two people will appear. They are the greatest Actors and famous comedians. So, here they are:

  • Julian McCullough.
  • Annie Lederman.

The TV show is presented by Julian McCullough and Annie Lederman. The executive producer is Todd Yasui.


In the center of attention in such a great TV show, you will see Julian McCullough, who is a US comedian and a great actor. Earlier he took place in standup from Comedy Central, but now he will perform the Tonight Show and Conan. Here Anie Lederman is a regular panelist and you may know her from Chelsey Lately and The Soup Investigates. Each week this comedian people meet with each other and do the debates with the guest, who came to their show. Here all the topics can be discussed without any limits.

For example, here they will show Kaley Cuoco Instagram and the syndromes of Donald Trump. In other episodes, they will present a real battle with Taylor Swift, Annie, and Julian. They always hold their tongues in order to discuss the absurdities, which happened in the world. In such manner, they try to entertain the viewers by showing them political movie stars, which are always shown on national TV channels.

Each new episode will present you a structure serial. Besides, they didn’t last too long, so you wouldn’t have any problem to find the time and watch them. The renovation of the serial is a great idea because a lot of people estimate and love it.

Annie and Julian do their work on the highest level and there is the only reason for it – they are real professionals and they know all the secrets of how to make people interested in something.


You can find this show on Twitter in order to watch each new episode of it. It combines the two genres – infotainment and comedy, so you will be very glad to see it from the beginning until the end.

When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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