The Island with Bear Grylls Release Date

The Island with Bear Grylls Release Date


The Island with Bear Grylls is a reality TV series of British production. Its premiere took place in 2014. Three seasons 1-3 was shown through 2014-2016, and the season 4 is currently being filmed. The narrator of the show is Edward Michael Grylls. The participants appeared on a remote island for testing how who they will manage to survive. Each member is left along filming themselves. They only have the clothes that they wore, some tools, and basic training. There were thirteen men participating in the seasons 1. There were in total twenty-eight participants in season 2.


Real persons took a part in this show, including:

  • Cassie Farrell,
  • Riz Shabir,
  • Alice Rothwell,
  • Hannah Campbell,
  • Tilly Martin,
  • Erika Roe,
  • Roz David,
  • Elliot Day,
  • Rob Bloomfield,
  • Daniel Quemby,
  • Sarah Carnie,
  • Patrick Dauncey,
  • Simon Middleton,
  • Chris Tierney,
  • Shaney Langhorn,
  • Ben Allen, and other.


The season 1 was shot on Isla Gibrale?n, an island with a large area of jungle. The season 2 was shot on two similar islands — Isla Gibrale?n for women and Isla San Telmo for men. Because the filming took place during the rainy season, its participants faced additional challenges.

The islands were chosen to be enough to survive for the extended period of time. Additionally, some plants were planted and some animals were brought, including caiman. The show’s participants received the basic training, for instance, how caiman can be caught and killed.

The tools given to the participants, included knives, machetes, some water (enough for one day), head torches, and a medical kit that can be used in case of emergency. The show’s participants had an opportunity to contact the helpers.


There were certain suspects about fakery of the seasons 1.  All the claims were rejected by Grylls. One of the caimans was killed during the show, which raised a number of complaints.

The season 2 also caused criticisms due to the fact that the caiman that was killed belonged to a protected species. There also were about six hundred complaints from show’s viewers. Most of them were related to killing animals in order to increase ratings.

There also were accusations in sexism because there were no women in the season 1.

In average, the season 1 has attracted about 3,100,000 viewers per each episode. The season 2 has attracted about 2,900,000 viewers.

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