Iron Fist Season 2

The series Iron Fist in the genre of an action – this is what you need to enjoy amazing martial arts and imbue with the spirit of the heroes. The cast of the project does not leave viewers the opportunity to question the professionalism of the actors, and the staging of all battles looks very natural and believable, which is especially important today in the era of satiety of the public with visual effects. The show has got a good viewers’ rating, so a new episode of the series is expected with interest both by critics and ordinary fans of good TV shows. There is still no any data concerning the second season premiere, but the first season is already over and a renewed part will not probably return soon. It’s still unknown when Iron Fist season 2 is going to air. Release date is likely to be mentioned after the last episode of the show have been presented, but today the audience are still waiting for the coming of each episode on the channel Netflix and hope that the next season two will air in the near future.

Creators Crew

On March 17, 2017 the first season start took place. The show consisted of 13 episodes, and all of them were shown in one day.
Iron Fist Season 2 date release

Scott Buck, the creator of Iron Fist, borrowed the idea of his project from famous comic books made by Roy Tomas and his colleague Gil Kane.

There are also executive producers working in the program and also doing everything in order the second season release date to be presented as quickly as possible. These personalities are:

  • Allie Goss;
  • Stan Lee;
  • Jim Chory;
  • Kris Henigman;
  • Scott Reynolds;
  • John Dahl;
  • Cindy Holland and some others.

Iron Fist Season 2

The companies producing the project are well-known Marvel Television, which needs no introduction, and another famous company ABC Studios. The channel presenting the first season air date and the one which is going to broadcast the series new episodes is Netflix.

About the Plot and Cast

The main protagonist of the series is Danny Rand, a master of martial arts, inimitable in his skill. He has been absent in his native New York for several years, but returns there to restore justice and protect the honor of his family. His special ability is to evoke an incredible power of the Iron Fist with his kung Fu.

The cast of Iron Fist taking part in the series includes such actors as:

  • Finn Jones in the role of Danny Rand;
  • Tom Pelphrey, presenting Ward Meachum;
  • Jessica Henwick, acting as Colleen Wing;
  • David Wenham, whose character is Harold Meachum;
  • Jessica Stroup, presenting Joy Meachum;
  • Barrett Doss, acting as Megan, and some more actors.

Iron Fist Season 2

Viewers’ and Critics’ Feedbacks

In fact, the show has received different reviews. Someone found it too straightforward and poor in terms of the script, but for someone it turned out to be quite dynamic. On IMDB the rating of this series is 7.5/10, which gives it good chances to be renewed for another season two. Stay tuned and follow all the news to be aware of the schedule of the next part and know the terms when a new season will be released.

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