Intruders 2 Season Release Date

Intruders 2 season release date
Intruders 2 season release date was confirmed. Will there be a sequel of the paranormal thriller by BBC America?
Intruders is based on the eponymous novel by Michael Marshall Smith so desperate viewers may find answers there this dramatic show.
Official confirmation of Intruders 2 season release date
The series’ runner Glen Morgan, the end of the first season left the question is not closed, and will give the chance to continue the show if BBC America Channel will take on that score positive solution. He said in an interview that he believes in the second season. He said: “If this happens so, then I really think that this response is satisfactory. The attacker has a plan for the 2nd season, but we will not try to climb back out of their way”.

Intruders 2 season release date was confirmed

Just the latest rumors Glen Morgan confirmed that already wrote two episodes of the second season Intruders at the request of the studio.

Intruders 2 season release date is summer of 2015 (presumably).
Would like to see the second season?

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