Into the Badlands Season 2

On receipt of the news, a new brand serial titled “Into the Badlands” is going to receive its continuation next year. There is no confirmed, however, about the exact day of the launch. So let’s look forward the appearance of the second chapter on our TV screens.

Brief review: behind-the-scene crew, acting cast, premiere

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Into the Badlands is purported as an action TV series aired on the AMC channel at the end of the previous year. As for the creative team, it is presented by the directors Alfred Gough and Miles Miller. The serial is produced by the entire range of studios, as for example, Big Kid Pictures, Diversion Pictures, Double Feature Films, Millar Gough Ink, and surely AMC Studios. The pioneer season consists of 6 episodes. Each of them lasts about 45 minutes.
The leading acting cast is composed of such personalities as Daniel Wu, Orla Brady, Sarah Bolger |

Synopsis: main characters and theme specifications

The story comes to be about a powerful warrior named Sunny. He is a young boy who is looking for educational illumination traveling around hazardous area controlled by feudal barons. He is always together with his fellow M.K. (Aramis Knight).
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The story combines in itself such topics as post-apocalyptic and the superpower. Thus, the serial is considered to be a fantastical drama. And the fantasy consequently is reckoned to be one of the most popular genres for today.

Audience and critics reviews

Let’s clear out the issue of the serial rating. The popularity of the serial has turned to be more them simply average. The effort which has been applied by the developers, thus, has paid off in spades. The total number of regular viewers counts more than 3 million people. Such a great amount has contributed to the serial getting the third place in the series league table in American television history. On IMDb, the series has garnered more than 8 points from 10. Other websites show practically the same results.
As for reviews from critics, they are reckoned to be mixed, unfortunately. However, it doesn’t spoil the overall picture. And the serial is still worth any further continuation.

What is about the renewal issues?

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In the preceding month, it has become known that the resumption of the story is to take place. The producers have slated the renewed story preliminarily for the next 2017 year. As it is expected, the second chapter will as much incredible as the first one. The action and martial arts will be presented at a very high level as well. The intriguing plot is also promised by the creators of the project. Thus, the second chapter should be worth waiting for.
While there is no data about the Into the Badlands season 2 release date, it is recommended to keep abreast of the situation which can be changed any day. While waiting, let’s give a re-watch to the first season and hope for the news to come from the developers.


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