Inspector George Gently Season 8

Inspector George Gently (initially was called simply George Gently, but later renamed) is a drama TV series created and broadcast in Great Britain. The release is carried by BBC One channel. The action of the series revolves in the 1960s. The plot is partially connected with a series of novels published under the title Inspector Gently, by Alan Hunter. Inspector George Gently season 8 release date for 2017 is yet to be announced.

Inspector George Gently Season 8 date release

Plot & Cast

The main character of the series is portrayed by Martin Shaw. He acts as Inspector (that eventually becomes the Chief Inspector) named George Gently. The second character of the series is portrayed by Lee Ingleby. He acts as Detective Sergeant (that eventually turns into the Detective Inspector) named John Bacchus. Simon Hubbard and Lisa McGrillis portray police constables.

The show throws the main characters into the world of violent murders and mayhem. In the lovingly recreated atmosphere of the sixties Inspector George Gently together with the ambitious John Bacchus, a Detective Sergeant, they work as perfect partners. The series is filled with warmth and humor of their fellowship. Read further for the description of the characters.

Inspector George Gently Season 8

George Gently

Originates from London. Participates in WWII being included in Monty’s Eighth Army. In every new episode, he demonstrates his will and mental strength. His wife’s name is Isabella. They met in Italy. When the war started, he had to leave her, but then he got back and they married. After moving to London, George started working for the Met as a Chief Inspector. Was opposed to corruption, which resulted in the murder of his wife. He’s been feeling guilty for her death since that. He was about to leave his job, but decided to participate in the investigation of the last case. His task is to catch Webster and avenge her in Northumberland. This is one of the vital moments of his life because he gets acquainted to a young detective John Bacchus. He takes him under his wing. Gently is straight, but honest. He’s able to look into a soul of the criminal before making any conclusions.

Inspector George Gently Season 8

John Bacchus

Bacchus was a husband to Lisa, Chief Constable’s daughter. Has a little daughter. He’s never loved his wife, but married her because of pregnancy. Later he divorced Lisa and meets with his daughter from time to time. He’s intelligent, but lacks patience. He’s willing to sprint through cases, which often leads him to wrong conclusions. Sometimes he breaks the law.

8th Season Release Date

The next season air date hasn’t been announced yet BBC One is still making plans on the release of Inspector George Gently season 8 in 2017.

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