Inspector George Gently Season 8

A long-running procedural drama turns be currently on the bubble after the successful release of the seventh season. Let’s hold out hope that it is only a matter of time and news are aiming to be broken in the upcoming future.

Brief review of the serial

Inspector George Gently Season 8 PosterInspector George Gently is basically a long-running multipart film in the genre of a criminal drama produced and broadcast on the most popular channel in the UK called BBC One. The serial is fabricated specifically by Company Pictures that finished the production of its pioneer season in spring 2007 that was brought to airing the same year, particularly in April. According to the tradition, the serial starts unfolding its new episodes every April. So the latest chapter is no exception. The thing is the debut was as usual in April but his time in the previous year.  The leading part of George Gentle is performed by Martin Shaw.

What should we know about the narrative itself?

The story comes to be founded specifically on the novels under the same title as this discussed series. The novels are written by Alan Hunter.
The very action of the narrative is held in the preceding century if to be more concrete in the 60s years. As it is known, it is the time of social and sexual revolution with young people of the UK participating in it. Specifically, the serial begins with 1964 year when the death penalty is still acting. All other seasons are passing through this particular decade unfolding events.
Inspector George Gently Season 8 Promo
So right from the title of the story we get to know that the main hero of this story is George Gently. He serves as an investigator in the police department. The stories come to be the same as in the novels on which the serial is based. So the admirers of these masterpieces have a brilliant opportunity to enjoy the adaptation of these fictitious stories on their TV screens.

High acceptance of the serial

If to give credit to the official rating numbers, we are dealing with a high ranking level here. About 7 million watchers were following the regular broadcast of the chapter. As the matter stands, some slight decline in the viewership was noticed getting closer to the final episode of the latest chapter. But there is nothing to worry about. The serial is currently on its peak of popularity. According to IMDb, the serial is evaluated in about 8 points from 10 which is the proving once a fact the serial is worth further production.
Inspector George Gently Season 8 Cast

Can we hope for the appearance of the eighth season?

There seems to be no negative statements when answering this question. The serial is a promising project with great perspectives and chances of expanding its already large fan base. However, the situation is that we have nothing to say about the renewal as well as about the Inspector George Gently release date. But we must stay tuned and hold out hope that it is nothing but a delay in the announcement which is to come out in the near future.

Update: Inspector George Gently Season 8 Release Date

This time, we have a lot of news to deliver. Starting with the fact that we now know there will be a renewal and to the fact that the release date is still unknown. But we must remain optimistic.
To start with, though, the project is going to be canceled. That was the bad news. The good news is the eighth season is still coming out, and not only that, it is already in production. It is very likely the new season will be out some time this year.


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