Inside No. 9 Season 3

The third season of the relatively new dark comedy is already defined to be launched in this fall. So, the fans of this series can walk on air now. The launch date remains so far unknown that’s why we recommend checking back with us.

General description

Inside No. 9 Season 3 PosterIt is a dark comedy in its core aired on the British channel called BBC Two. The immediate creation of the story was inspired by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. These two also perform the leading roles.
The duties of executives are lying on Jon Plowman (Absolutely Fabulous, Twenty Twelve). The first premiere of the series was held starting from February 2014. The second part was available since March 2015. And now it is a turn for the third part which is expected to be released already in the upcoming fall. Each installment is composed of six episodes.

Concept of stories depicted

What is this mysterious No. 9? Let’s not embark on guesswork and turn immediately to the plot featuring.
The case is such that every episode is a separate story that includes absolutely new characters. However, what these stories are united in is that they turn to be performed by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, in the majority of cases by both or at least one of them.
So every episode is a new setting full also of other well-known actors. All of them take place at a number 9. This can be referred to either a suburban house, a gothic mansion or a dressing room.
Inside No. 9 Season 3 Promo

Rating and reviews

Producers of BBC Two won’t let a half-baked story penetrate into the programming list of their channel. This series is not an exception. The humor of it was accepted with flying flowers, as well as the very script and the work of actors in the scenes.
Thus, as much talent and effort were applied as it was possible in order to create the award-winning comedy. The collection includes the 35th annual Banff World Media Festival Rockie Awards and the nomination for the Best TV Sitcom prize at the 2014 Freesat Awards, and some others.

Catching up with the news

Now the loyal followers of this dark comedy can walk on air as the series is now officially renewed for the third chapter. This news was late in coming after half a year following the release of the second cycle of episodes.
Inside No. 9 Season 3 Cast
Reece Shearsmith also confirmed through his official Twitter account that the third season will take place in the future.
The timeframe of the launch was determined, however, only at the close of this spring taking into account that the traditional period was the start of spring. So some kind of shift was made. As for updated info, the third season of the chapter is going to appear in the upcoming fall. The number of episodes will not be changed equaling six as usual.
The Inside No. 9 season 3 release date remains so far unknown. That’s why we should stay tuned in the case some new info appears on the official sources and through press releases of the producers of the dark comedy show.


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