Ink Master Season 9

Ink Master Season 9 Release Date


Ink Master is a TV serial with the elements of reality. It is produced in America and the first season premiere appear in the year of 2012. That show will present you the artists, who want to compete in different challenges, because they want to present their tattoo skills.


Here each season appear the new contestants, so you wouldn’t see any professional actor. All the people are the real professionals, but they are not so popular all around the world. But to know who will become a winner, here several judges took place. The cast names are:

  • Dave Navarro.
  • Oliver Peck.
  • Chris Nunez.

Among the executive producers we must mention Glenda Hersh, Steven WeinStock, and Andrea Richter.


That TV Show is always presented in elimination format. Here you will see 16 contestants, who enter the competition and have a hope and a dream to win it. But it is not so easy, as they think, because here each person is a real professional in such deal.

Person, who will be the best will have an opportunity to win the price of 100 000 dollars. That is not so small sum of money, so tattoo masters from different cities and regions have a wish to show their professionalism and to take part in the competition like this.

Each contestant is different and before they will show the level of masters, they present the life story. Some of them just try to show the individuality, the others think, that tattoos are the great business, with help of which they will earn a lot of money.


It is so exciting to see, how people try to show that they are the best. They do the tattoos professionally, so each person, who want to do it, can took part in such a game. So, as you can see, that is not just an ordinary serial. But here you will see a big amount of people, who wanted to come to the biggest stage and to become popular all over the world.

The running time can be different. Each new episode will last from 41 till 61 minutes. The Ink Master 9 Season release date is the 8th of September in the year of 2016. When you think of the season air date, just remember, that it is the same.

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