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A proper mixture of comedy and drama, In The Cut is in the list of next year premieres on Bounce TV. In the third chapter, we will keep following the day-to-day life of a busy barbershop and his son. With such an early renewal in April 2016, the series may garner the large audience, supposedly. Let’s revise this in the article.

Some Basic Moments

It is an American dramedy that revolves around the life of one barbershop owner as he attempts to find some areas of common interest with his son. The acting crew includes the names of Dorien Wilson, Jackee Harry, Ken Lauson, and John Marshall Jones.
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The creation is a concern of Kyle Evans. The first premiere is dated back to August 2015. This year, in July in particular, the second chapter has debuted on Bounce TV.

Plot Summary

Jay Weaver is a barbershop owner. Once he gets to know that he is a father when Kenny, a 31-year-old man, turns up. The originality of the case is that his ex-wife comes to run her own beauty salon just next door to his barbershop.
At first, Jay does not feel much enthusiasm about bonding with his newly found grown-up child but then he lets Kenny stick around and even offers him a role in the “family” business.
As the story unfolds, it shows attempts of those three relatives to become closer to each other. There are also some other storylines including the relationships of Jay with business partner Nadine and his sidekick Smitty.

Catching up With Latest Developments

In the latest installment, the reunited father and son implement a jailbreak and various pranks at the barbershop. Meanwhile, Jay’s romantic interest in Cheryl is growing up. Kellita Smith turns to become the newest member of the acting cast. There are also the guest appearances made by such stars as singer Angie Stone, Kenny Lattimore, Rolonra Watts, and some others.
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The Most-watched Original Story and the Logic Consequences

If you are a watcher of Bounce TV, this dramedy about relationships is not a secret for you. On this first African-American network, In The Cut is one of the most-watched projects.
Creating a great stir in the hearts of watchers is what the story has as a goal achieved brilliantly through the originality of the well-developed story, as well as the high-quality performance of the acting crew.
Without beating around the bush, let’s just present the score on IMDb and everything will become clear. So, it is 8.4 perfect points out of 10. Is not it a superb result? We think it is, in fact. This leads to some logic consequences – the renewal, specifically.
Yet in April 2016, even before the sophomore premiere, the developers decided to clarify the situation for us – the series is aiming at turning into a settler on Bounce TV. The third installment will appear next year. Herewith, you should not be under the illusion that the In The Cut season 3 release date will appear in the near future. We can expect it only in 2017.


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