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Imposters is an upcoming black comedy TV series, which was produced in America. The season premiere of it will be original, so a lot of people will have an opportunity to estimate it. The Imposters 1 Season release date is the 7th of February in the year of 2017, so in the nearest future, you will enjoy it.


The Main cast of Actors will be really unforgettable. Here among the most talented and experienced people we will underline the following:

  • Samuel Patrick Chu.
  • Aaron Douglas.
  • Megan Park.
  • Adam Korson.
  • Chastity Dotson.
  • James Ralph.
  • Brandyn Eddy.

Among the directors of the serial, we must underline such people, as Wayne Yip and Adam Brooks. The producers are Patty Long, Andy Parker, Paul Adelstein, Adam Brooks, John G. Lenic. The editor is Jessica Hernandez.


That Interesting serial will present you such an extraordinary and unusual plot. In the center, you will see con artist, who appreciate the love of men of every age. In the first and the new season, you will see the three victims, who are able to track her down, but it wasn’t so easy for them, but they didn’t give up.

It is so Interesting to see, how an ordinary woman can become so popular, that not everyone has the opportunity to deal with her. Of course, she is smart and beautiful, but there are a lot of girls and women like her. What is the secret of such a success? To understand it, just watch the show and decide, who is right and who is wrong in one of another situation, which is presented here.


The genre of this serial is a black comedy, so if you want to watch something special, you may use it. The production company of the serial is Universal Cable Productions and the distributor is NBC Universal Television Distribution.

That serial will give you an opportunity to spend the free time in a good and pleasant company and that is a great idea for everyone.

As for the running time of each new episode, here we must say, that it is really suitable – 42 minutes of time will be a good decision to relax and take it easy. Besides, all your friends and relatives will adore such a cinema masterpiece.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you to find the necessary data. 

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Imposters: Official Series Trailer – Premiering Feb 7 at 10/9c | Bravo

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