If Loving You Is Wrong Season 4

If Loving You Is Wrong is one of the most popular TV soap operas created and released in the USA. Tyler Perry carried out the production matters all together with the script and direction. Every new episode of the series revolves around habitual life of five married couples living on one and the same street in a fictitious community called Maxine. If Loving You Is Wrong season 4 release date hasn’t been announced yet.

If Loving You Is Wrong was partially inspired by the film titled The Single Moms Club released in 2014. Zulay Henao returned to portray Esperanza, however, the storyline of her character was partially altered for the TV series version. The series premiered on the 9th of September 2014. The release was carried out by Oprah Winfrey Network. The first part of the first season ended on the 5th of November 2014. It was the most watched TV series in the history of OWN.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 4 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Amanda Clayton portrays the character of Alex Montgomery. She’s married to Brad, a successful businessman and she’s a housewife. They have to kids named Peter and Paisley. In one of the episodes, she cheated on her husband with her neighbor named Randall. It ruins friendship between Amanda and Randall’s wife named Marcie. Later Amanda gives birth to a child and she’s not sure that this child is Brad’s.
  • Matt Cook portrays the character of Joey Blackman. He’s the son of Natalie that had been imprisoned. He’s not used to being out of prison and sometimes behaves naively. Works at Burger Fast together with her mom, who owns this place.
  • Edwina Findley portrays Kelly Issacs. A single widowed mom constantly working to raise her son named Justice.
  • Tiffany Haddish portrays Jackie – a loyal assistant of Natalie. Able to deal with business of every kind.
  • Heather Hemmens portrays a real estate agent named Marcie Holmes. She’s the unlucky wife of Randall. Broke up with her best friend Alex for her love affair with her husband named Randall. Randall feels guilty and doesn’t want to leave her. He still loves his wife but also has feelings for Alex.
  • If Loving You Is Wrong Season 4
  • Zulay Henao portrays Esperanza Willis – a former Edward’s wife. Her daughter’s name’s Mika. Developed romantic feeling to Julius, which made Edward unpredictably angry. In the course of the series, it turns out that the person she deals with is the leader of a drug-cartel.
  • April Parker Jones portrays the character of Natalie Henning. A lonely mom taking care of four children at a time. She’s a manager at Burger Fast.
  • Eltony Williams portrays a psychologist named Dr. Randall Holmes. Former Marcie’s husband. Cheats his wife with Alex and ruins his friendship with Brad and family relationship with Marcie. Feels depressed when realizes that Marcie started a revenge affair with Brad having sex in the same shed where Randall had sex with Alex. Randal is a father for a newborn son of Alex.
  • Aiden Turner portrays the character of Brad Montgomery. Has no idea about his wife cheating on him until season 2. Divorces Alex and starts a love affair with Marcie to have his revenge.

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If Loving You Is Wrong Season 4

4th Season Air Date

On the 27th of February 2015, season 1 continued with 22 more episodes released on the 22nd of September 2015. The third season release date is the 13th of September 2016. Season 4 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the show enjoys growing popularity on the channel. We don’t know when season 4 will be released, but we’re sure that the producers aren’t planning to wrap up the series.

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