If Loving You Is Wrong Season 3

As the matter stands, we aren’t so far in the know of the possible resumption of the story under the title “If Loving You Is Wrong” which latest installment saw the light of day in the previous year. So we should keep an eye on the ball as the news about this drama must be around the corner.

Clarifying the main issues of the project

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First and foremost, we should bear in mind that the project under the title “If Loving You Is Wrong” is by American production and referred to the channel titled Oprah Winfrey Network.
By the genre, it is a soap opera. It can be reckoned as quite obvious once looking at the title of the story. Isn’t it soapy enough for you? So in any case, it defines to some extent the target audience of the project which is destined to consist mainly of females.
As for the producers and developers, this drama is reckoned to be a feather in the cap of Tyler Perry serving as a screenwriter, director as well as the leader of the team of executives which includes also such names as Ozzie Areu, Mark E. Swinton, and Will Areu. The production company is the ownership of the immediate creator of the project – Tyler Perry Studios.
It should be noted that Tyler Perry has already experienced a rather advanced cooperation with the OWN, which has given birth according to the present period of time to a number of high-rated projects for the channel, including For Better or Worse, The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor.
The debut episode of If Loving You Is Wrong got the highest ranking on OWN by the way.
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The starting point of the soap opera is reckoned to be the beginning of fall 2014. The latest debut was held also in autumn, in particular at the end of September 2015. The chapters turn to be composed of traditionally 20 parts with the latest one being extended to 22.

Provided with approval coming from the audience

Delivering rather promising rating figures, the series is going to stick around on its home channel providing it with new people joining the viewership.
As for now, the series is evaluated in about 2 million watchers per each part. So this steady number is nothing but a guarantee that the following circles of fresh episodes are to come to screens in any case.

As for the current state of affairs with the project

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 3 Cast
The second half of the sophomore installment has been brought to airing at the beginning of this already past spring after quite a long hiatus starting from December of the antecedent year.
With an impressive viewership, the series is so far on the bubble. The thing is that the developers are in two minds now about renewing the project. What are they waiting for? The ratings are high and it is time to announce the resumption of the story. Surely, taking into consideration the traditional timeframe of new episodes launch, it is too early yet to discuss the If Loving You Is Wrong season 3 release date. But let’s be attentive as the situation can be changed any moment now.


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