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ICE Season 2 Release Date


ICE is a great TV serial, which was produced in America. The season premiere of it is November in the year of 2016 and now you will see the second one, which will be also adorable. The ICE 2 Season release date is the 13th of December in the year of 2016.


As for the cast of Actors, here you must pay attention to the following people:

  • Cam Gigandet.
  • Jeremy Sisto.
  • Ray Winstone.
  • Judith Shekoni.
  • Ella Thomas.
  • Audrey Marie Anderson.
  • Chloe Fast.

The directors of the serial are Ashley Way, Norberto Barba, T. J. Scott. The producers are Robert Munic, Antoine Fuqua, Joe Halpin, Holly Harold, James Manos Jr., David Alex Boorstein, Bart Peters, Brad Goodman, Chris Long, Kat Samick, O`Shea Read, Ronald Bass, Sharon Hall, Hans Tobeason.


That is the Story about the diamond trade business in Los Angeles, so here you will see all the risks of such deals and all the things, which can happen. Of course, it is so dangerous to be an owner of such a business and just to be an ordinary worker. But these people aren’t afraid of everything.

In the center of such an explosive thriller, you will see the Green family. The Main characters of this family are Jake and Freddy. Also here you will see the Isaak, who is the owner of the G&G Diamonds Company.

One day Freddy killed the dealer of diamonds, but Jake did his best in order to save the life of Dealer. Since that time the company started to be collapsed and a lot of criminal lords will come to this place in order to get the money. So now, the two brothers must be very attentive – people can be different and it is so dangerous to believe one or another unanimous person.


This serial, which was created in the US, will be delightful for people, who aren’t afraid of risk. If you also have a dangerous work or you just want to see the example of it, this serial, especially the new season, will give you such an opportunity. It was made only for adults, so children wouldn’t estimate this serial at all. The new episode will be dazzling and charming.

When the season air date is an important information, the data in this article will satisfy you. 

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