Ibiza Weekender Season 6

Ibiza Weekender Season 6 Release Date


Ibiza Weekender is a reality TV serial, which was produced and created in Great Britain. The season premiere amazed a lot of people, but now it`s time to talk about the 6th season of the serial. The Ibiza Weekender 6 Season release date is the 13th of July in the year of 2016, so you can enjoy it from the beginning till the end in any suitable for your time.


That season of the serial wouldn’t be dull for you, despite here the only one Main character in the cast will appear. It is Imogen Townley. All the Story will be connected with him – he will show you the life of another people and with help of him, you will understand, how important it is to estimate the life.

The serial is created by Andrew MacKenzie, David Clews, Matt Pritchard, Jonny Coller, Tom O`Brien, Hamish Fergusson, Gemma Kirby Davies. It is written by Dom English. The producers are Simon Cooper, Rob Lewis, Tom O`Brien.


That serial is not an ordinary soap opera or another kind. Here you will have an opportunity to see the Ibiza life chronicles. In each episode, the Main character will introduce the affairs, the most Interesting and outstanding guests, and, of course, the entertainment. All the Ibiza life is presented in film format, so it is very easy and Interesting to watch.

Imogen is a rapper, so he feels here like in his own dish. He tries to take part in different events in order to show the viewers not only the beauty of nature.


If you like to travel and you want to know more about the countries, which are around us, here is a good opportunity for you. Just set the TV up, watch the best serial and take it easy.

People, who work hard, will have an opportunity to see the new episode of the serial on the evening. The duration of one is about 60 minutes. You can do it with the friend or with a relative in order to have fun and to discuss the most exciting moments. So, it will be good for you to see it as earlier, as you can do it.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.?

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