Ibiza Weekender Season 3

Are you an avid fan of parties? If you are, this place and this serial is just for you. Haven’t you already guessed what we are talking here about? It’s all about the series under the title “Ibiza Weekender” that has been brought to broadcast beginning from 2015 and now it is at the second stage. We are also hoping that the renewal of the series for the third chapter will be announced.

Brief description of the project: developers, preceding projects with the same format

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Ibiza Weekender is considered to be a reality show of British production. Ibiza is the island famous for its parties. So the show is also about parties. This show is nothing but a sequek to the project titled “Magaluf Weekender”. This preceding project was filmed in Mallorca during three seasons in 2013 and 2014 years. The format of the show remains the same. What has been changed is the place of action and surely the title.
Shot in a new place, the serial premiered in the form of the pioneer season in 2015. The current second chapter has been broadcast starting from the beginning of February this year on ITV. Each chapter consists of 8 episodes.
The script is created by Dom English. The executive team is composed of such producers as Rob Lewis, Simon Cooper, and Tom O’Brien. The production studio of the show is reckoned to be Twofour. The immediate creator and leader of the behind-the-scene crew is Imogen Townley.

What is the show about?

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The reality show follows the exciting adventures of the team of young people who are enjoying their rest on the island of compelling parties.
Each episode presents a chronicle of reps, their personal life as well as their contacts with the guests. The cameras are following you everywhere, even in bedrooms, and you seem like being observed by a Big Brother. But people do not care about this. They are luxuriating their staying on Ibiza chock-full of music, dances, sunny beaches, and new people with whom you can get acquainted without any hesitation.

How was the renewed Magaluf Weekender accepted by the audience?

People are known for their constant keen interest in the life of other people. This seems to be the reason for the show to become quite popular. The amount of viewers of the last episode counts about 500 thousand people. It was also underlined that the serial is full of laughing as well as dramatic moments which contribute to the general success of the show.
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When to expect the launch of the following season?

This question seems like appearing in the minds of a large number of people, for the developers keep silent concerning the Ibiza Weekender season 3 release date as well as the possibility of its renewal. However, the format of the project is worth developing it truly.
So keep abreast of the situation which can be changed any day in order to obtain the most recent news about your beloved reality dhow straight from the horse’s mouth.


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