Hunting Hitler Season 3

The world history knows many examples of mysteries and puzzles that people are interested in more than decades. One of these mysteries is the mystery of the death of the infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. To deal with this problem decided the authors of a popular project Hunting Hitler on History Channel, who in 2015 presented their documentary series. The renewed second season of the show has recently been launched; season premiere was held on November 15, 2016. The coming of the third season is still shrouded in mystery, but its next new episode is sure to gain viewers’ attention when presented. If the current season will be as interesting as before the audience will know very soon.

Authors of the Idea

Hunting Hitler Season 3 Poster
The pilot season included 8 episodes; there is still no information about the number of episodes in the current part, but the public hopes there won’t be less ones than before.
The director of Hunting Hitler is Jeffrey R. Daniels; the author of the script is Dave Hoffman who is also the narrator of the series.
Executive producers distributing the project and engaged of selecting the cast are:

  • Jason Wolf;
  • Sarah Wetherbee;
  • Tim Healy;
  • Emre Sahin;
  • Kelly McPherson.

The company producing this documentary program and responsible for the return of the show and its third season release date is Karga Seven Pictures; the broadcasting is launched on a widely known and popular in the whole world History Channel.
Hunting Hitler Season 3 Cast

About the Plot

The basis of the plot is the decoding of previously secret documents submitted by the FBI, related to the possible rescue of Hitler’s and not his death in the bunker. According to some skeptics, the Nazi leader could have remained alive at the end of the Second World War and afterwards migrate to a distant and calm Argentina, where no one would have been able to find him. This idea has been haunted by many historians and Hunting Hitler continues to explore such a probability and disclose all the facts of the life of this controversial and extremely cruel politician.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Expectations

When the current new season air date was known, it was being eagerly awaited by the audience of 1,438 million. The story about Hitler has a 7.2/10 score on IMDB; but this is definitely not a finale result. Stay tuned to make sure that the second season will not be the last one and to get all the data regarding the series schedule and its possible continuation.


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