House of Cards Season 5

In 2013, the American viewers had got an adaptation of the famous British serial under the title “House of Cards”. So we have four seasons at our disposal for viewing and are lucky to look forward the fifth season coming soon.

Basic info you need to know about the project

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House of Cards is reckoned to be a really breakthrough series which has won one of the most prestigious world award. In fact, it is a political online show broadcast on the giant network titled “Netflix”. The show is produced by such companies as Trigger Street Productions, and Panic Pictures. The serial can be called an American variant of the British project which is streamed under the same title. The project is, by the way, founded on the novel written by Michael Dobbs.
The principal star acting cast is composed of Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Michel Gill.
The drama series premiered in 2013. The latest and fortunately not the final one season was brought to viewers’ screens in the previous year if to be more concrete in the beginning of March.

Plot summary

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The story revolves around a congressman, his cunning wife Claire, and the American president named Frank Underwood. He is going to take a revenge on those personalities that have gone back on him.
The narrative itself is very captivating and can make you glued to your screen. The latter chapter was choke-full of thrilling blood scenes, fights, and suicide attempts. There were also many quarrels between the congressman and his spouse. Thus, it was a true action that held the viewers in a constant suspense and fear. The series has turned in such a way to a political thrilling story.

Resumption and current season info

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Great news has come for the admirers of the series. The fact is that Netflix has stated about the official resumption of the series in the form of the fifth season. So the serial seems to dig itself in on this network. So we can hope for other following seasons to be produced by the current developers.
Though the series is officially renewed, there is no exact data concerning the House of Cards release date. However, it is fortunately known that the series will appear next 2017 year.  We are also aware of the fact that the following season will also contain 13 episodes as the previous ones.
The latest chapter is now aired beginning from the first days of March. The renewed narrative about a congressman has an unexpected fresh shade of surrealism that consists in his dreams and imagined acts of violence.  The crew of scriptwriters seems to penetrate much deeper into the main character’s soul. Moreover, some new heroes are added as for instance those performed by Ellen Burstyn and Neve Campbell. Their appearance seems to be in the nick of time. The writing team thus is doing its best in order to achieve the highest peak of series acclaim.
Stay tuned in order to be notified in a right time about the plot details and release date coming from the reliable resources.


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