House of Cards Season 5


House of Cards is a popular TV series of American production created by B. Willimon. This drama is inspired by the mini-series of the BBC. The story of the show is based on the M. Dobbs’s novel. The seasons1 has 13 episodes. Its premiere took place on 1 of Feb. 2013. A season 2 also has 13 episodes and its premiere was shown nearly a years after the premiere of season 1. Another season was presented in Feb. 2015. All of the seasons of the show were popular and that is why it was renewed for the season 4. Its premiere was shown on 4of March 2016. Currently, the season 5 is shot and will start being translated from 2017.

House of Cards Season 5 date release


The cast of the show includes the following actors:

  • Kevin Spacey,
  • Kate Mara,
  • Robin Wright,
  • Constance Zimmer,
  • Michel Gill,
  • Mahershala Ali,
  • Molly Parker,
  • Nathan Darrow,
  • Michael Kelly,
  • Joanna Going,
  • Corey Stoll,
  • Rachel Brosnahan,
  • Sebastian Arcelus,
  • Reg E. Cathey,
  • Gerald McRaney,
  • Sandrine Holt,
  • Sakina Jaffrey,
  • Derek Cecil,
  • Kristen Connolly,
  • Jayne Atkinson,
  • Elizabeth Marvel,
  • Kathleen Chalfant,
  • Gil Birmingham,
  • Terry Chen,
  • Jimmi Simpson,
  • Kevin Kilner,
  • Benito Martinez,
  • Boris McGiver,
  • Lance E. Nichols,
  • Elizabeth Norment,
  • Lars Mikkelsen,
  • Samuel Page,
  • Larry Pine,
  • Joel Kinnaman,
  • Paul Sparks,
  • Dan Ziskie,
  • Mozhan Marno,
  • Kim Dickens,
  • Kelly AuCoin,
  • Neve Campbell,
  • Ellen Burstyn

House of Cards Season 5


The series is about a politician named Frank Underwood who is not afraid of playing “dirty” games in order to gain more power. The place of action of the show is Washington, D.C. Frank belongs to democrats. He hoped to occupy a position of Secretary of State, but because he did not get it, he decided to make a plan to get the even better position. His wife Claire supports her husband in everything he does, and they have stable relationships. Frank uses any method that helps him to gain the power, including manipulation, intimidation, money, and connections. Everything or everyone who appears on the way of Underwood risks experiencing lots of problems.  The games of Frank are dangerous and tricky.  He often appears in the circumstances that require smart and fast decisions. Will Frank eventually reach his aim and how far can he go with his ambitious goals?

House of Cards Season 5


Mostly, the show has received positive reviews. Also, it has been nominated for several awards. Robin Wright has won the Best Actress Award.  As for Kevin Spacey, he has become the winner of the Best Actor Award.

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