Homestead Rescue Season 2

Homestead rescue is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Discovery Channel with the first season release date on the 17th of June 2016. Homestead Rescue season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the viewers seem to enjoy the project and the producers aren’t planning to wrap up the show. The production is carried out by Raw TV together with Mike Griffiths, and Sam Maynard.


It became popular among the Americans to leave civilization for the off the grid living. However, not everyone manages to deal with this lifestyle. In every new episode of the series, homesteaders from all over the country develop following the main hero of the project named Marty Raney. He lives together with Misty Raney, his daughter and Matt Raney, his son. He teaches his children how to survive out in the wild hunting, fishing, growing vegetables and fruits and creating necessary equipment and tools with their own hands. It’s hard, but the family is always prepared for nature’s worst.
Homestead Rescue Season 2 date release

Marty Raney started his off-the-grid lifestyle in 1974 while logging in Alaska. He got used to living without electricity, heat and plumbing. Deprived of modern conveniences he managed to build strong character and a creative personality with never-ending resourcefulness. Raney appreciates simple lifestyle and family traditions. He designs cozy cabins using simplest materials and tools.

Homesteaders are resourceful and determined. However, a lot of families doesn’t have enough skills and knowledge about gardening, hunting, fishing and getting water. Raney family can help such families develop essential skills and run their homestead with minimum troubles.
Homestead Rescue Season 2


  • Marty Raney. The father of the family. In the past, he lived in a floating logging camp out in the wilderness. Later, together with his family, he moved to a distant Alaskan homestead surrounded by vast forests and brown bears. Rough atmosphere helped him become creative, ingenious and, resourceful and bring up two wonderful children always ready to help him and support his ideas.
  • Matt Raney. Matt, a hunter. Keeps the freezers at home filled with meat and fish. His sister often joins him to hunt, dress the kill, and transport the meat. Matt has spent all 32 years in the wilderness.
  • Homestead Rescue Season 2

  • Misty (Raney) Bilodeau. Lives with her husband named Maciah, together with their 5-year-old son in Hawaii. Helps the family business in Alaska every summer. They also teach and help Hawaiian people who chose to live off the land. She’s a marvelous gardener able to build greenhouses and grow everything the family needs for survival. Besides, Misty deals with small construction needs designing sheds and fences for livestock protection.

2nd Season Air Date

No info is available about Homestead Rescue and its future fate. When the producers announce official news about the renewal, we will share the news with our readers.

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