Homestead Rescue Season 2

Underground Season 2 Release Date


It is a reality serial, in which a lot of talented people took part. It appeared this year and now you will see the continuation of the story. That season premiere will amaze you at all, because here you will see a lot of interesting and exciting moments.


That serial will show you, how people live in extraordinary situations. With help of professional actors, it is rather interesting to see that show. Among the main cast we must mention:

  • Marty Raney.
  • Matt Raney.
  • Misty Raney.

It is directed by Mike Griffiths and Andreu Parkin. When we talk about the producers, we must mention Dimitri Doganis, Meagan Davis, Sam Maynard, Mike Griffiths, and Matt Vafiadis.

The production manager is Erica R. Sperber. If we talk about the other crew, here we must mention Johnny Beavers, Jaimie Beebe, Chloe Hardwick, Joe Rubel and David Frederick, Gabi Adams and Renee Fishman.


That season will show you, how 2 million Americans wanted to change their life to the positive side. Their lifestyles are rather different and unusual, so the greatest aim is to restyle and to live happily.

In the center of attention you will see Marty Raney, who is Alaskan homesteader and adventurer. He lives in dangerous and hard conditions. Together with daughter Misty and on Matt he is a fisherman and a hunter. Each week he visits a lot of places, which help him to live the life fully. They try to make new discoveries and it helps them to be popular all over the world.


If you like to travel and you can`t imagine your life without it, you must have enough free time to watch it from the beginning till the end. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and each day that will help you to live the life with the greatest emotions. That serial is made for people of all the ages, so you will have an opportunity to estimate each new episode. We are sure, that you and your family will be really glad to see it.

The Homestead Rescue 2 Season release date is the 12th of July in the year of 2016. When we start to talk about season air date, you mustn’t remember, that it is the same.

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Homestead Rescue S01E03 Trust Or Die 720p HD

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