Homestead Rescue Season 2


Homestead Rescue is a reality serial, which will present you a lot of talented people. This year the premiere appears, but now we have the Main aim to present the continuation of the Story. Here you will see the Story, which is full of positive and exciting moments.


With help of such serial you will understand, what does it mean, to be in unexpected situation, when you don’t know, what to do. Here you will see the following people, who appear on the episodes very often. So the cast include:

  • Marty Raney.
  • Misty Raney.
  • Matt Raney

The directors are Andreu Parkin and Mike Griffiths. The producers are Meagan Davis, Dimitri Doganis, Sam Maynard, Matt Vafiadis, Mike Griffith.

Erica R. Sperber is the production manager. Jaimie Beebe, Johnny Beavers, Joe Rubel, Chloe Hardwick, Gabi Adams, Renee Fishman are the production managers.


That serial will present you the life of ordinary Americans and their wishes to change it. The lifestyles of people, who appear here, are so usual and different. But their greatest aim is to live happy and to do the minimum duties on work and in the whole life.

The Main character here is Marty Raney. He is a real adventurer and homesteader in Alaska. Very often he lives in dangerous and so hard conditions. He lives with the son and the daughter by the names Matt and Misty. Together they go fishing and hunting and they think, that it is rather Interesting life here.

Every day they make a little journey, which help them to come to the new level and to be the first in such deal. A lot of discoveries are made here by them to be popular all over the world.


People, who like travelling and who didn’t imagine the life without it, can be sure, that it will be the greatest idea to watch the serial from the beginning till the end. It can be watched by the people of different ages and each person will be satisfied by the Main idea and by the information, that is presented here.

It is hard to name the accurate running time of each new episode, but you will spend the time while watching it with great pleasure. The Homestead Rescue 2 Season release date is the 12th of July in the year of 2016.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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Homestead Rescue S01E01 Abandoned and Alone 720p HD

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