Homeland Season 6

We have great news at our disposal. The fact is that the award-winning action drama series under the title “Homeland” is to obtain another continuation in the form of the sixth season this time. The serial is expected to be launched later in this year.

Quick outline of the project

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Homeland is reckoned to be a serial by American production broadcast on channel called Showtime. Currently we are in possession of 5 seasons and looking forward to the appearance of the fifth one. The spearheads of the project are presented by such personalities as Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. This serial follows the idea of the famous serial that depicts the war on terror. The fabrication team is composed of such companies as Fox 21 Television Studios and Keshet Broadcasting.
The premiere of the fist season took place at the beginning of October in 2011. The leading roles are performed by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

What is about the story itself?

The story revolves around intelligence agencies as well as around the war of CIA with al-Qaeda. Let’s leave the details of the story to the viewers who haven’t got a chance yat to watch the serial. But let’s note that on the heels of the death of hero performed by Damian Lewis in the final episodes of the third chapter the opinion that the serial ratings would be dropping down existed. And now let’s turn immediately to the way the viewers have accepted the serial.
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Ratings and chances of renewal

The aforementioned prediction has not come true in fact. More over the ratings have come even higher as the serial has got a more interesting twist in its plot. Specifically, in the recent fifth chapter the action takes place about a couple of years after the events of the fourth season. Here Carrie is shown inhabiting Germany, particularly its capital, after living her work at the America intelligence agency.
The latest season was brought to airing at the beginning of October in the preceding year. It consisted of 12 episodes. The duration of each part is by the way about an hour. The average number of the series viewers constitutes about 1.5 million people. This quite promising amount together with positive reviews from ctitics as well as from the common viewers adds to the possibility of the serial being renewed  at regular intervals.

When can we expect the appearance of the following chapter?

Homeland Season 6 Cast
According to the up-to-date information, the serial is officially resumed for the following sixth chapter. It is considered to be a wide0known portion of data coming from reliable resources as far back as at the end of the preceding year. However, we habve some lpot details to tell you. The thing is that in the third season our world will be threatened by the disaster and Carrie will come back to CIA.
As so far there is no information about the Homeland season 6 release date, we should be prepared for the important data to come from the developers any day. So keep abreast of the new installments in order to catch the premiere of the new season.

Update: Homeland Season 6 a Few Weeks Away

To those of you who have been patiently and not so patiently waiting for news about their favorite TV series that happens to be Homeland – congratulations! You already know what this meant, don’t you? Indeed, the Homeland Season 6 release date is no longer secret. The sixth season is finally coming out.
It’s been a long way. Thankfully, this journey finally ends. Or rather, it is to end in exactly three weeks. That is when the world will see a new episode of Homeland. Season 6 is coming out on January 15, 2017.
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