Homeland: Season 5

The Showtime channel has confirmed the release of their popular TV series Homeland: Season 5. Let us see what we can expect from the show in the upcoming episodes.
Every fall, TV fans sit tight before the silver screens watching their favorite shows. It is always a very competitive time for the series on the central channels. The last four years have brought us many good shows, and the political drama Homeland is certainly one of them. Besides, it is aired on a rather major channel known for such series as The Borgias, Weeds, Dexter, and Californication, among others.
Homeland is a nice addition to the list. Surely, millions of fans around the world are waiting for the sequel of their show of choice and wondering what the fifth season will be like.
In October 2014, the fourth season of Homeland came out on Showtime. It has united the fans once again getting the show and the channel high ratings and good reviews from the critics. Thus, the season premiere, which came out on October 5th, attracted over 1.5 million viewers. That was the peak of Homeland’s success. Because Showtime is a cable channel, the result like that is simply outstanding.
While we can cheer for the Homeland series after watching the 4th season, we have to wait for an official announcement from the channel’s administration. Meanwhile, the show will allegedly come out in fall 2015.
Will you be waiting for the fifth season of the Claire Danes’ story?

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