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General facts

Home Fires starts in the period before the Second World War. It is a historical drama about the life of women during war time. The idea of the series was developed by Simon Block on the base of Julie Summers book Jambusters. The television network ITV has aired the first episode in May 2015.

Female cast

The story was taken with a view to a large female audience. The series cast was selected according to the same principle. Francesca Annis is playing Cameron Joyce, a leading character. This woman has a strong personality, she leads the Cheshire`s Women Institute. Samantha Bond as Frances Barden. Her character is lively, kind and tough-talking. She becomes an opponent of Cameron as a leader.

Claire Rushbrook is performing Pat Simms, a wife who loves her husband in spite of a regular physical and moral abuse. Fenella Woolgar Alison Scotlock who has lost her husband during the War. Leanne Best is playing a new teacher Teresa Fenchurch.


The main story-line focuses on Cheshire community in Great Britain. It is time when the Second World War is going to start. The community is left without men and all the female part should grit the teeth and continue their living.

The series is inspiring. The enthusiastic women accompanying their husbands and sons to the war, a willingness to help each other are inspiring. Every character has a great strength of mind and steadfastness in how they are going their work, in the life situations. If you monitor the reaction of each of the family in a specific situation you can realize that not everything is kept in one moment.

Frances has a leadership character. She is organizing a small community in Cheshire and is voted as a president there. Pat is a weak and amenable woman who suffers from her husband psychologically and physically but who defends him before people.

The life in the community is centralized on being strong in the time of war, helping each other and learning to survive only thanks to the efforts of women. For example to gather berries for making jam.

This series is a collection of women tragedies. Each of the women in the community has to let her husband, brother or father or son to the war. For somebody it is unbearable like it is with Miriam. When she received a letter for her son to go to the military service she crosses out his name in hope to leave him at home. But David`s intention is too strong and the mother has to accept the inevitable.

Interesting information

Home Fires Release Date of the second season is in April 2016. But it gained a little audience so ITV refused to broadcast the continuation in May 2016.

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