Home Fires Season 3 Release Date

Home Fires Season 3 Release Date


ITV’s TV show Home Fires tells us what happened to women during the Second World War, when they left the dear and beloved husbands, brothers and sons.

Home Fires season 3 release date was announced by ITV for the late spring of 2017. Currently the TV show is in the production and there is also no news about Home Fires season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In Home Fires season 3 you will see such British actors and actresses – Clare Calbraith, Brian Fletcher, Samantha Bond Ruth Gemmell, Claire Price, Daniel Ryan, Claire Rushbrook, Daisy Badger and Frances Grey.


The action in Home Fires season 3 is set in a small village of the county Cheshire when the world is at war, and the life of women abandoned gradually begins to crumble. Life in separation from loved ones is unbearable, but there is no alternative. We can only learn to live without male support. Whether women can come together in this difficult time? Or the separation will be so unbearable that swallow them?

The women in Home Fires season 3 episode 1 will have to learn to survive without a strong man’s shoulder, without male support. Will they be able to cope with all the difficulties, or the longing for loved ones will be stronger?

Interesting Facts

  • Home Fires was considered the most profitable TV show in Great Britain in 2014, after collecting from their screens up to 6.2 million viewers;
  • The official sources have reported that the June 3, 2015 ITV Studios channel management decided to extend the series for a second season. The premiere of the new drama series was scheduled for summer 2016.

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