Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Season 3

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by E! The official announcement about the release of the series was made in July of 2015. It was released under the title Hollywood Teen Medium, following Tyler Henry – a 19-year-old medium bringing messages from the world of the dead. The show was filmed with the participation of celebrities willing to connect to people they love after their passing away. Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the project hasn’t been shut down either – the series is still going.


The main cast member of the show is Tyler Henry – a Hollywood Medium able to connect with the world of the dead. Tyler meets with celebrities helping them to communicate with their dear relatives and friends that have passed away.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Season 3 date release

The mystery and intrigue of every new episode of the series are mostly connected with the innocent charm of Tyler putting celebrities at ease at once. The viewers watch him deliver messages filled with faith and hope. It makes the celebrities open up truths about their lives looking so simple and down to earth for the audience!


Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Season 3

Numerous critics called Tyler a grief vampire gaining popularity while giving promises to people who have tragically lost their dearest. The show itself was several times called a fabric of lies craftily edited for television. Henry’s work is actually not entertaining – he works with grieving which can provoke tremendous harm. That’s a morbid and tasteless entertainment of the society. Bobby Finger called the project the worst on TV because it looks like a cruel experiment. The loss of those that we love brings us to a terrible category of pain. Exploiting someone’s grief for the sake of entertainment and spreading typical messages from the world of the dead like “I’m fine” to mournful targets is disgusting.

Susan Gerbic says that this fun is not innocent. Tyler throws out general statements remaining silent while the excited and desperate sitter completes all the other details himself or herself. Henry lets his clients talk gathering all info he needs to continue guessing.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Season 3

If Tyler Henry can actually connect to the world of the dead, it would be the greatest discovery for the humanity. But Henry allows no science to study his gift using it to discuss celebrities’ grandmothers and dead pets for the reality.

3rd Season Air Date

E! Channel website promises it to return in 2017 but shares no certain dates or plans. We will keep you informed and notify you when E! says more about plans for Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and its third season release date.

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