Hollywood Divas Season 4

Hollywood Divas Season 4 Release Date


Hollywood Divas is a reality TV serial, which was made and created in America. Its premiere appeared on October in the year of 2014. Now you can see the 4th season premiere, which will bring you the purest emotions. The Hollywood Divas 4 Season release date is the 4th of August in the year of 2016.


Here you will be impressed by the talented Actors in cast. So, you will see the following people:

  • Golden Brooks and Elise Neal.
  • Paula Jai Parker and Countess Vaughn.
  • Lisa Wu and Wade Maurice Johnson Jr.
  • Ralph Lliteras and Nicolle M. Whalen.
  • Charles M. West and Jon Farley.

The producers of the serial are Anthony Sylvester, Andrew Hoagland, Lashan Browning, Angela Y. Dugan, Vivian D. Payton, Jamail Shelton, Aaron Fishman, Adam Freeman, Leslie Greif, Tarin Laughlin, Adam Reed, Christel Cornilsen, Troy DeVolld, Christina Dodson, Carlos King, Todd Tucker. The cinematographer is JerMaine Love. Among the editors it is important to mention Adam Bedford, Mark Cegielski, Julie Antepli, Kevin Smets, Spencer Schilly, Danielle Doscher, Manny Madla, Aaron Crowley, Andrew Powell, Dallas Baker, Rachel Cushing, Orion Wassberg.


A lot of people want to become known all over the world. They try to do the spotlights, buy different things in order to pay attention to themselves, but sometimes it didn’t work and it hurts. In this serial you will see the girls, who decided to become the real superstars. Each day their life changed and they can`t forecast it at all. Here in the Main roles you will see such divas of Hollywood, as Golden Brooks, Paula Jai Parker, Countess Vaughn, Elise Neal, Lisa Wu. They try to reignite their careers and in that season they will present you how to overcome the waist weight and to become beautiful from different sides. You will be shocked to see the truth and what the victims must be used for it.


The running time of each new episode is 42 minutes, so you will have an opportunity to see each episode every day to understand the Main idea and spend time with pleasure.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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