Hit the Floor: Season 3

Hit the Floor is reality show whose theme is dancing. Just like other shows of this type, it has become incredibly popular among the TV viewers and gathered an army of fans worldwide. It has been confirmed that the third season will come out on the screens in 2015.
The popular reality show was extended by VH1. The channel’s executives have confirmed that the season 3 of Hit the Floor will certainly happen.
The story unfolds around Los Angeles Devils, a basketball team, and their cheerleaders. The girls are working hard to achieve reputation and be able to perform at the games of a team with a big name.
The cheerleaders’ role is extremely important, as they both raise the morale of players and help the viewers cope with anxiety. Still, girls are girls, and the show does not lack rivalry between the members of their team. Each of them has her own ambitions.
The upcoming third season of Hit the Floor will be out in May 2015.
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