Hit the Floor Season 4 Release date

Hit the Floor Season 4 Release Date


Hit the Floor (season 4 — pending) is a TV series of an American production. The main genre of the show is drama. The developer of the show is J. LaRosa. The series is about Ahsha, a girl who dreams of joining the LA Devil Girls of NBA. She does not yet know how many temptations and treacherous she is going to encounter on her way. The premiere of the show took place in the spring of 2013.


The cast of the series includes:

  • Dean Cain plays the character of Pete Davenport,
  • Charlotte Ross plays the character of Olivia Vincent,
  • Jodi Lyn O’Keefe plays the character of Lionel Davenport,
  • Valery Ortiz plays the character of Raquel Saldana,
  • Taylour Paige plays the character of Ahsha Hayes,
  • Jonathan McDaniel plays the character of German Vega
  • McKinley Freeman plays the character of Derek Roman,
  • Logan Browning plays the character of Jelena Howard,
  • Brent Antonello plays the character of Jude Kinkade,
  • Kimberly Elise plays the character of Sloane Hayes,
  • Katherine Bailess plays the character of Kyle Hart,
  • Adam Senn plays the character of Zero,
  • Don Stark plays the character of Oscar Kinkade,
  • Rick Fox plays the character of Chase Vincent,
  • Robert Christopher Riley plays the character of Terrence Wall.


Ahsha Hayes becomes a member LA Devil Girls as she has been dreaming of. She very soon understands that being of part of the group is nothing like she had imagined. She encounters a range of issues, including temptation, danger as well as many other difficult situations.  There are many undesirable things that she has to manage in order to remain a part of the team. The girl has a mother named Sloane that has raised her daughter along. She used to be one Devil Girls but she decided to hide this fact from her daughter. The father of Ahsha named Pete Davenport used to be a player. The difficult family relationships complicate the situation even more. Will be Ahsha able to remain in the team?


On IMDb, the show has received a rating of 6.9 out of 10. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has received a rating of 75%. The critics’ reviews have been mixed. Still, the series has attracted 3,500,000 total viewers and that is why it was decided to film the next seasons. The chances that there will be season 4 are pretty high, although the official announced has not been published yet.

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