Highway Thru Hell Season 5


First aired in September 2012, a reality TV show from Canada, Highway Thru Hell discovers the operations of a heavy car rescue and recovery towing firm, Jamie Davis Motor Trucking, headquartered in Hope and British Columbia. The show gives an emphasis to the challenges of operating along the cunning highways of the BC Interior, and in particular, the Coquihalla Highway.

As a spectator, you’ll be amazed how a local Canadian heavy recovery firm executes its works through the tough winters, providing help to highway travelers, who have turned to be victims to the brutal road conditions.

Highway Thru Hell Season 5 date release


These folks will give you a ride along tough highways. They are Dave Pettitt, Kevin Ritchie and Adam Gazzola and Jamie Davis.


The folks of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue go on fighting to keep the highways open between BC, Hope as well as the rest of Canada. The series traces the most economically crucial as well as most overloaded routes of North America. That’s so sad, but they happen to be extremely inhospitable and thank God capable guys have been assigned to keep these unforgiving mountain highways pretty safe in the winter season. It’s up to Jamie as well as his faithful team to get the highways open as fast as they can, when they’re shut down.

Highway Thru Hell Season 5

The movie is set in the mountains, surrounding BC, Princeton, Merritt, Lytton and Hope. The extreme mountain routes are fraught with icy, steep terrain, exactly where mother dominates. These arteries generate gauntlet truckers have to face under any weather conditions. A place, where danger and beauty go hand in hand, that’s what many car travelers are afraid of, though they have no choice, but to pass through this land stuffed with traps. Most Canadians tend to stay away from this place.

Highway Thru Hell Season 5

Mountains seem to be the number one object of the series. It’s also about the toughest men ever, to say nothing of all-mighty Nature.  The stakes are extremely high  — the Canadian economy, lives, not to mention thousands of jobs, all of them depend on the highways, which are expected to stay available for car travelers as long as possible. Here, that local Canadian firm is the last line of defense.


The series crew makes use of Toyota Tundras as their primary full-sized pickup trucks. Other vehicles include an HR50 Peterbilt, HR116, HR117 and HR150.

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