Highschool of the Dead: 2 Season

There have been rumors regarding the second season of the iconic anime series Highschool of the Dead. Its provocative look and delivery of the story have earned fans from the entire world.
Almost two years have passed since the last episode of the first Highschool of the Dead season. Those Japanese anime aficionados who have found Highschool of the Dead to their liking are filled with hope to see the sequel. There are numerous musings by the fans on anime-related forums regarding when they can finally see the new episodes.

A little something about Highschool of the Dead

Manga, graphic stories, have come from Japan and immediately gained popularity among the young English-speaking people. Every big event in the world of manga and anime is cherished and much anticipated, just like the project Highschool of the Dead.
If literally translated from Japanese, the series’ title goes like “Academy Apocalypse Highschool of the Dead”. When seeing such a name as this, one can start imagining what the story is all about. The plot is centered around the school Fuji where some of the zombie apocalypse survivors have gathered. The students come to an unlikely solution – to fight off the undead invasion by summoning some sort of demons. The anime series provides many references to the images of popular culture, mainly fantasy and horror movies, such as Resident Evil. Just like in the latter, the anime has zombies, viruses, evil forces, and a controlling corporation.
Fans of Highschool of the Dead believe that the 13th episode contained a hint at a possibility that the second season will be out in the future. They say that the fight with evil has not finished yet. While there is no word of confirmation from the creators, they can still extend the series. Its release, however, will not happen sooner than late 2015.
What do you think about the possibility of Highschool of the Dead: season 2?

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