Hiding Season 2

The Australian audience is now faced with a new exciting criminal drama available on the local version of the ABC channel. Though the reviews are positive, the series is yet waiting when the producers shape its fate.

Brief review

The series production was performed by a large number of people with each of them contributing to the successful result shaped in the first season available since the end of winter 2015.
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The first distribution was the matter of concern for the producers of the Australian variant of the ABC channel. By the genre, it is a criminal drama penned by Matt Ford (SLiDE, Lockie Leonard, Stingers). He produced also the series collaborating with David Ogilvy (Rake, Anzac Girls), Diane Haddon (Cops LAC, The Code), David Maher (Love Child), Carole Sklan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Greer Simpkin (Serangoon Road), and David Taylor (Sz?letett f?rjek).

As for the acting cast

The series cast is composed now of James Stewart (Monarch Cove, Gallipoli) as Lincoln Swift, Kate Jenkinson (Szerelmes Nina, Super Fun Night) as Maree Quigg, Olivia DeJonge (The Visit) as Shaneen Quigg, and Lincoln Younes (Love Child, Otthonunk) as Mitchell Quigg. This is the leading members of the performance crew. It is curious now for those who are acquainted with these actors and actresses that Stewart and Jenkinson are entrusted the parts of parents to 22-year-old Lincoln Younes, in spite of the age gap.
Additionally, the team is joined by Stephen Curry (The Time of Our Lives), Jodi Gordon (A penge ?le), Kim Gyngell (Lowdown), Nathan Page (Miss Fisher rejt?lyes esetei), and Jacqueline McKenzie (Love Child).

Plunging into the narrative

Hiding Season 2 Cast
The series story revolves around a family living on a Gold Coast being under witness protection. The family should now make a fresh start in their lives moving into a big and strange city of Sydney. However, can they escape from their past? Pursuing to get to know this, let’s follow the storyline watching available episodes from the very beginning.

Can we wait for the continuation of the storyline?

As one of the producers of the ABC channel has noted, this series is a story that is combining in itself a gripping thriller and a complex family drama that conveys a great number of poignant actual ideas, which are of vital importance nowadays for the modern society.
One of these ideas lies in people’s attempts to hide their fears of being caught by evil people against whom they have witnessed under the joyful smiles.
The critical response is positive and this can lead to the project being continued for the several following years. Nevertheless, the situation offers to us only to wait for the official statements as there is no concrete info about the very feasibility of the resumption as well as regarding the Hiding season 2 release date. Consequently, we should keep abreast of any developments connected to this project as data can appear any moment now.


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