Hetty Feather Season 2

The Victorian epoch in the British history influenced the current traditions in that country. The series under the title “Hetty Feather’ is dedicated right to this period narrating about lives of girls and boys in the Foundling Hospital. The serial is new and is yet expected to be defined in terms of its future.

Brief review

Pursuing to show to us all peculiarities of the Victorian epoch in the British history, the producers decided to give a TV life to the novel written by Dame Jacqueline Wilson at the same title as the series. The script adaptation was developed by Helen Blakeman on the order of the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom on which it has been broadcasted since May 2015. The team of executives is spearheaded by Foz Allan.
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The story is narrative of flame-haired Victorian foundling named Hetty and her adventures. The series characters are played by Isabel Clifton as Hetty Feather, Matthew Ashforde as Cranbourne, Jocelyn MacNab as young Hetty, Joe Mason as Jem, Nicola Stuart-Hill as Peg, Louis Healy as young Jem, Jordan Nash as young Gideon, Kitty Peterkin as young Polly, Susan McArdle as nurse Macclesfield, Eva Pope as Matron ‘Gertie’ Bottomly, Ava Merson-O’Brien as Harriet, and some others.

Plot summary

The main heroine of the story is Hetty Feather. As a child, he was abandoned by her mom at the Foundling Hospital. The series features the following events in the life of this girl, as she becomes the resident of a foster home before returning to the Foundling Hospital as a young child.
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Though being referred to the Victorian epoch, Hetty Feather is a poignant story that has no time boundaries, for it touches problems that are actual nowadays, regretfully.
The series brings, however, the events of the Victorian age with much realism – good, bad, funny and tragic – to life through the eyes of children living in the Foundling Hospital.

What is the future of the project?

The series’ first release included ten episodes with the duration constituting about thirty minutes. This first chapter showed very much positive results obtaining favorable responses from critics, as well as from regular viewers.
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The situation, thus, is such that the series resumption should be somewhere around the corner if the series is so much promising in the eyes of the audience. However, the detention in the announcement took place, for it must have been made long ago, as the supposed launch timeframe was to be this past May. There are, nevertheless, great chances that the premiere can be planned for this upcoming autumn. In any case, we should keep our fingers crossed in favor of the future resumption and the appearance of the Hetty Feather season 2 release date. Be in the swim together with our service if you are willing to follow the developments that are taking place with this drama series. Stay tuned and you will be notified timely.


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