Here We Go Again Season 2

Here We Go Again is a comedy TV series created and released in the USA. The stars of the series are LeToya Luckett and Wendy Raquel Robinson. The first season release date is the 5th of February 2016. The release was carried out by TV One Channel. The action of every new episode revolves around three women belonging to one family and doing their best not to get the youngest of them get pregnant. Here We Go Again season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers aren’t planning to cut the series short.


Here We Go Again shows habitual way of life of three family generations of women. Robinson portrays the main character named Loretta. She becomes a mother when she’s 16. Luckett portrays her daughter named Maddy. Maddy’s daughter is also a single mom who gave birth to her daughter Shante in 16. Kyndall Ferguson portrays the character of Shante. Now Shante does her best to break this circle of women getting pregnant this early.

Here We Go Again Season 2 date release

Plot & Cast

The action of the series revolves around three generations of women.

  • LeToya Luckett portrays the character of Maddy Walker. She’s a single mom that strongly believes in the so-called curse of the Walkers. Her mom, Loretta, gave birth to her daughter when she was 16. Then, Maddy gave birth to her daughter named Shante when she was 16. She does her best not to let her daughter give birth to a child at 16.
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson plays Loretta – mother of Maddy.
  • Kyndall Ferguson portrays Shante, daughter of Maddy. She’s on the verge of becoming 16. She’s in a relationship with Cedric (portrayed by Travis Winfrey). She’s a clever girl slowly progressing with her career and professional issues. Her fate is to become next to follow the curse of the Walkers.
  • Andra Fuller portrays the character of Victor – Maddy’s school love interest. In the course of the series, Maddy’s feelings to him slowly start to revive. Besides, Victor is the father of Shante. When Maddy is 32, she realizes that she’s pregnant and the child is Victor’s.

Here We Go Again Season 2

While this family tries to navigate the events of their unpredictable life, the viewers get involved into one of the funniest family life experiences.

2nd Season Air Date

Here We Go Again Season 2

Official media shares no info on the continuation of the series in its second installment. We will share more info with you as soon TV One makes official confirmation of their plans.

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