Here We Go Again Season 2

Another kind serial under the title “Here We Go Again” is currently aired on TV screens. The show is created in a very positive manner that makes the viewers relax and forget about their life problems sitting in front of their TV sets. So let’s scrutinize a little bit this project.

Brief review

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Here We Go Again is considered to be a new project from Swirl Films. By genre, it is a sitcom for a whole family. The executive producers are reckoned to be Eric Tomosunas and Karen Peterkin. And the immediate leaders of the project are Antonia March,  Jacqueline McKinley, and Grits Carter. The debut was held at the beginning of February this year. Currently, we have 9 episodes of the comedy available.
The acting cast includes such principal personalities as Letoya Luckett, Andra Fuller, Kyndall Ferguson, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Monique Coleman.

Plot summary

The narrative revolves around three women who represent different generations. So who are these women? They are from one family of Walkers. They are particularly a mannered pompous grandmother, a mother with her midlife crisis and a vivid girl in her teenage years. Loretta and Maddy (a grandmother and a mother) gave birth to their children at the age of 16, and Maddy considers that there is a Walker women imprecation. Eventually, some range of unrehearsed on-goings makes these women set on a trip. Let us leave some details of this adventure in order to stir you to viewing.
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After a passionate night with her old love, by the way, Shante’s father, Maddy finds herself being expectant again. The comedy presents a very good example of a strong united family the members of which know what the most valuable things in life are.
The serial can be watched by people practically of all ages. It is hilarious yet touching and overflows with thought-provoking topics for psychological discussions.  Thus, we can make a conclusion that it is, at least, worth trying to see it.

Rating numbers and chances of renewal

Both viewers and critics have accepted the serial with flying flowers. First and foremost what they have noted is that the performance of all these talented actresses is brilliant, especially it concerns the teenager Shante.
It is considered to be not a standard family comedy. It is chock-full of various turns in the narrative. The series is still broadcast at the current moment. And there some certainty that the heroines have a lot of things in store that will surprise us. The resumption of the serial seems now as a natural thing.
However, the developers are not in a hurry to announce about the renewal. Maybe they are just waiting when all 13 episodes will be released. Thus, while there is no information about the Here We Go Again season 2 release date, we highly recommend following this current season. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about the coming news straight from the horse’s mouth.


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