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Henry Danger is a situation comedy, which was created in America. Here in the center of attention, you will see the boy at the age of 13, who is known as a real superhero. Now we would like to present the 4th season premiere of the serial, which is full of the greatest events. The Henry Danger 4 Season release date is the December of the year of 2016.


The serial cast is rather big, so that’s why you will estimate it. Here all the people must be divided into several groups. Among the Main characters you will meet:

  • Henry Hart (Jace Norman).
  • Captain Man (Cooper Barnes).
  • Charlotte (Riele Downs).
  • Jasper (Sean Ryan Fox).
  • Piper (Ella Anderson).

The Villains are:

  • Dr. Minyak (Mike Ostroski).
  • Nurse Cohort (Amber Bela Musa).
  • Jeff (Ryan Grassmeyer).
  • Van Del (Josh Fingerhut).
  • The Time Jerker (Joey Richter).

And, of course, the recurring Actors:

  • Mr. Hart (Jeffrey Nicholas Brown).
  • Mrs. Hart (Kelly Sullivan).
  • Oliver (Matthew Zhang).
  • Sydney (Joe Kaprielian).
  • Mr. Gooch (Duncan Bravo).
  • Bork (William Romeo).
  • Schwoz (Michael D. Cohen).
  • Vice Mayor Willard (Timothy Brennan).
  • Trent Overunder (Winston Story).
  • Mary Gaperman (Carrie Barrett).
  • Miss Shapen (Jill Benjamin).
  • Bianca (Maeve Tomalty).
  • Mitch (Andrew Caldwell).
  • Chloe Hartman (Jade Pettyjohn).
  • Veronica (Madison Iseman).

The directors of the serial are Steve Hoefer, Russ Reinsel, Adam Weissman, Nathan Kress, Mike Caron, David Kendall, Dan Schneider.


The Main character is Henry Hart. He is the boy of 13 years and he lives in Swellview town. He has a job and he like it. The Main duty is to be Kid Danger, a superhero. Also in that season Captain Man will appear and he will tell Henry the secret, which must be kept in silence.

Despite his good character, Henry always has a lot of misunderstandings with his friends. This time he decided to come to parents and to ask for an advice. And they told him, that each secret of his life must be saved because that will help him to rely upon people.

After the time was gone, Captain Man was very proud of this boy and he wanted to do something special as a thank for him.


Each new episode lasts for 22 minutes. When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below. 

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