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Hellevator Season 3 Release Date


Hellevator is an American game show, which will present you a lot of horror elements. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2015, so now you will see the third season, which will amaze you by all the measures. The Hellevator 3 Season release date is the 2nd of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors here will be not so big, but you must pay attention, that here a lot of professionals get the roles. Among the Main characters it is important to mention:

  • Mary Rangel.
  • Jen Soska.
  • Sylvia Soska.
  • Rick Galiher.
  • Circle Nichols.
  • Martin Pierron.
  • Regan Talley.

The director of the serial is Chris Basler. The producers are Jason Blum, Todd Lubin, Joe Magna, Jay Peterson, David Braun, Kyle Hanlon, Daniel Soiseth, Chase Fleming, Marc Chenail, Johnathan Fox, Danny Schrader, Ryan Alexander Steiner.


In the first episode, you will see the new contestants and each season the number of this people could change. The contestants here just ride the haunted elevator in the abandoned house. Here a lot of slaughters took place.

Each season contain several episodes, which will present you the adventures of the contestants. They do a lot of attempts to reach the aim and not to be taken away in Inferno cell. In the current episode, you will see Gluttons and Punishments, Rest in Pieces, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Blood, Sweat, and Cheer. So here we must make an announcement, because you may have a big amount of questions.

The first episode will present you the challenges, which are related to crimes. The second will tell about the slackers, who try to deal with sadists and run-down the home. In the third, the center of attention is a psycho models and horrifying tasks for them. And the last one is cheerleaders, who must deal with challenges, made by a former coach.


That serial will be amazing for people, who wanted to watch something unusual, but rather Interesting. You will enjoy each new episode of this show because here you will see different people and different places. In order to reach the aim and to become a leader, they do a lot of efforts and it is rather exciting to watch this.

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