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Will the Helix: season 3 be released in 2016? Have you been waiting for the next bunch of episodes? Let us see what the prospects are.

The Syfy channel started airing the second season of its TV show titled Helix earlier this year. By April 2015, season 2 was over. Shortly after this, the question arose: will the show be renewed for the third season? When looking at the popular databases, there is no end date, just the year when the pilot was launched: 2014. Those who have become the fans of the show are wondering whether the series will be continued.


The show had pretty good ratings and certainly appealed to the fans of the genre. It has grown a base of loyal viewers who were eager to watch the sequel next year. All this combined was enough for the show to receive green light. However, as it has always been, the channel’s executives have their own view on the matter, and it is their voice that decides everything.


The plot

In the centre of events, there is a team of scientists who research the epidemics which has suddenly spread around the world. As a part of their job with the Center for Disease Control, they move to the Arctic and research the disease from there. Their mission is to save the human race from extinction. Season 2 continued the story of the characters fighting for the human survival.

Interesting Facts

In short, the release date of Helix: season 3 was expected somewhere in early 2016, but then it appears that Syfy has cancelled it. While we are still waiting for the Blu-ray and DVD versions to come out, the second season was the last one so far.

What do you think of the news? Were you willing to see the sequel to the scientists’ quest of saving the world’s population?

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