Hawaii Five-0 Season 7

Various police drama series that may be found on modern TV are in general of the same genre and format. Most of the actions, which the viewers observe, are connected with investigations of different difficult and interesting cases. But while all these series are appearing more and more often, there are few of them that have already gained public’s popularity and recognition. Among them may be distinguished Hawaii Five-0, which has been broadcasted on a famous CBS channel since 2010. Moreover, this project is a so-called remake of a well-known show that was popular more than 40 years ago and had the same name.

Today the fans ask the authors of the program a single question: When will Hawaii Five-0 season 7 be released? Premiere date of the renewed season seven is already known, and the public can sigh with relief. The next new episode of Hawaii Five-0 is sure to be released on September 23, 2016.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 date release

Series Creators and Background

The series was developed by Leonard Freeman, an American producer and scriptwriter of the previous century. Those who gave his project a second life are:

  • Roberto Orci;
  • Peter M. Leskov;
  • Alex Kurtzman.

The first season air date took place on September 20, 2010 on CBS, a well-known American TV network. The list of episodes consists of 152 parts and the running time of each new season episode is about 42 minutes. The companies producing will Hawaii Five-0 are:

  • CBS Television Studios (since 2012);
  • K/O Paper Productions;
  • 101st Street

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7

About the Series

The cast of the series play the role of the characters who take part in a special force governed by the Hawaiian authorities. The head of this unit is Steve McGarret (an Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin). His team investigates criminal cases connected with murders, terrorist attacks, kidnapping, etc. They operate under special control and subject only to the supreme power, and therefore endowed with emergency powers.

Exact Release Date

As it has already been mentioned, the coming season release date will tale place on September 23, 2016. The return the following season premiere is being awaited greatly, and there are all the reasons for this continuation to be called quite logical.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7

During all the period of broadcasting Hawaii Five-0 has got an incredible popularity both among Australian viewers and the public around the whole world. The audience rating may be called rather impressive: on a well-known website IMDB its score is of 7.4/10. Stay tuned to get all the information about the schedule of coming episodes and all the creators’ announcements.

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