My Haunted House Season 5

My Haunted House Season 5 Release Date


That is a paranormal documentary season premiere. Here you will see a lot of terrified people. They have so scares nightmares, that they didn’t know what to do to overcome them.


In that serial a lot of talented actors with great work experience appear. Here you will see the next cast:

  • Cordelia Zawarski and Mark Laursen.
  • Anna Ross and Emily Camara Boisseau.
  • Marissa Stahl and Jordan Maldonado.
  • Flora Gignac and Anthony W. Preston.
  • Landon Ashworth and Sarah Brown Carter.
  • Kelsey Graham and Ryan Larson.
  • Barbara Magnolfi and Dominique Marsell.
  • Andrea Sabatino and Annie Truex.

The directors are Aaron Pope and Patrick DeLuca, Paul Boese and Rob Dorfmann. The serial is produced by Yvette Amirian and Jerred Hicks, Jim Casey and Ross Kaiman, Paul Boese and Patrick DeLuca, Aaron Pope and Harris Wilkinson, Nicole Reed and Keith Guinto, Scott Stanley and Christopher Voos, Tracy Weatherby and Rich Velazquez.


Here in that season of the serial you will see the people, who have terrifying experiences by dead spirits. Each episode of the serial is connected with paranormal activity and here appear the new cast of heroes, who are the victims.

Each time, when an accident appear, police department come to the place to find out, who is guilty. And such measures couldn’t help them to know the truth.

That serial will amaze you each time you will watch it, because here you will see the new events and sometimes they will be too scared.


People with weak nervous system mustn’t see that serial, because they will have problems in future. But if you are sure, that it will be exiting for you, start from the first season and the emotions while watching will be unforgettable.

Just watch and enjoy the serial from the first till the next new episode. The My Haunted House 5 Season release date is the 13th of April of the year of 2016. When you think of the season air date, just remember, that it is the same.

 So now you can find each new episode in the internet and watch it with great pleasure.

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