My Haunted House Season 5

My Haunted House Season 5 Release Date


My Haunted House Season 5 is a serial with paranormal and documentary elements. Here you will have an opportunity to watch a lot of terrified people. They are very scared, because the trouble could come in any unexpected moment.


Such serial will present you the biggest amount of talented Actors, who have really great work experience. Here the cast will be the next:

  • Anna Ross and Mark Laursen.
  • Cordelia Zawarski and Emily Camara Boisseau.
  • Marissa Stahl and Anthony W. Preston.
  • Jordan Maldonado and Flora Gignac.
  • Kelsey Graham and Landon Ashworth.
  • Sarah Brown Carter and Ryan Larson.
  • Dominique Marsell and Andrea Sabatino.
  • Annie Truex and Barbara Magnolfi.

Here among the directors we must mention Paul Boese, Aaron Pope, Rob Dorfmann, and Patrick DeLuca. The producers are Jerred Hicks, Yvette Amirian, Jim Casey, Paul Boese, Ross Kaiman, Harris Wilkinson, Scott Stanley, Keith Guinto, Tracy Weatherby, Rich Velazquez.


This serial will present you the people, who try to struggle with the spirits. Each new episode will show the paranormal actions and the heroes, who want to live calm in order not to be scared of everything.

Each time, when the accidents appear, the police try to solve the problems and to find the definition of such acts, but each time it is so hard and unreal.

If you will decide to watch the serial, you must be ready, that some of the presented events will scare you on the high level and the result isn’t available to know.


This serial is made for people, who have strong nervous system. We recommend to watch it in the morning or in the dinner in order not to be scared in darkness. But the only thing, which we must also tell, is that you wouldn’t have any problems during watching and each new episode will be unforgettable.

The My Haunted House 5 Season release date is the 13th of April of the year of 2016.  So nowadays there wouldn’t be any problem to find each new episode in the internet and watch it with pleasure.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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