The Harolds Season 1 Release Date

The Harolds Season 1 Release Date


The Harolds release date was officially announced. It will happen… somewhere in 2016. In fact the creators of this Canadian TV series Kyle MacKenzie, Shawn Martin still have no clue when their new web mocumentary series will be released. But the show is in the production and basically for a small project like The Harolds it is already big news.

Surely, there is no clue when The Harolds will be broadcasted in Canada or in the United States and will ever the release happen on DVD and Bluray.


AS it has been already mentioned, the creators, the writers and the actors of this web-series are two friends Kyle MacKenzie  and Shawn Martin. Along with John Houston they tried to create a unique format of the show.


The Harolds season 1 episode1 will focus on the brothers Fred, Bob and Jason Harolds apparently coming from the very dysfunctional family who shoot their pranks and personal dramas on camera. The show on purpose uses the genre of mocumentary comedy series to give the audience the feeling of being a buddy to brothers who like wacky adventures more than anything in the world.

Interesting Facts

  • Previously The Harolds TV series was presented to the audience under the different title – A Day in the Life of Fred Harold;
  • The Harolds premiere was shot in Canada – in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Right now there are barely known any facts about The Harolds season 1 premiere. If you have any news to share about this upcoming Canadian mocumentary web-series, please share them on this website. Your help is much appreciated! We hope you enjoyed the content and will come back when there will be more news, details and the facts about the future show.

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The Harolds Season 1 Release Date

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